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52-68 Stamford Road Consultation
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52-68 Stamford Road Consultation

Diamond Build is pleased to announce that their application to re-develop the Diamond Build Headquarters was approved by Haringey Council's Planning Sub-committee on Monday 8th May 2017. The proposals included a new HQ for Diamond Build to allow them to stay in Tottenham, 48 new homes, and 570 sqm of affordable workspace. The project also includes a £75,000 investment in the Stamford Road Park which the Friends of Stamford Road Park group will be able to …

On Saturday 4th March, local residents, keen to improve the local area, met to form the Friends of Stamford Road group. The first meeting was attended by 16 people who suggested lots of ideas such as improving visibility by removing the front wall, running activities at the park and giving ownership to the community by creating a garden. The next meeting will be held on Thursday 9th March at 7pm at Diamond Build's offices on Stamford Road, adjacent to the…

Thank you to everyone who attended our consultation cafes on the 12th and 15th October.   If you have anymore questions or thoughts about the plans, please do email us at .   Materials from the exhibition are available on our Resources Page.